The Carton Law Firm has provided defense of general negligence, professional negligence and intentional claims since its inception by our founders in 1907.  Our attorneys prepare each case for trial with meticulous research and investigation.  While we do not publicly post our verdicts, they can be found in such publications as Jury Verdict Review.  We routinely try 20 or more general negligence cases to verdict annually with what we believe are very substantial  results.  We handle defense claims on behalf of insurance carriers, including one of the largest automobile insurance underwriters in New Jersey, and act as special counsel in excess and punitive damage claims.


The vast majority of our annual work is the defense of automobile and general negligence claims.  If you would like a reference from any of our clients or insurance carriers, please do not hesitate to contact James D. Carton, IV, Esq.
The Carton Law Firm also provides services as party appointed arbitrators and neutral arbitrators in negligence, intentional, personal injury and property damage cases.  Our fees are reasonable and our referring clients or referring attorneys routinely recommend us for our services.
James D. Carton, IV, Esq. is the municipal prosecutor for the Boroughs of Sea Girt, Spring Lake, Allenhurst, Neptune City and Interlaken.  He is frequently and regularly called upon to conduct complex DWI and criminal trials on behalf of the State. Michael J. Lynch, Esq. and David J. Leone, Esq. assist him in these services.
David J. Leone, Esq. apprenticed with a construction management firm before graduating from law school and brings his knowledge of the defense of construction claims, billing practices and breach of contract to the firm to assist your defense of these complex matters.
The Carton Law Firm routinely handles estate litigation spearheaded through our senior partner, James D. Carton, III, Esq. who has tried a significant number of estate claims to verdict and through appeal over his career.  
The Carton Law Firm will put the years of knowledge prosecuting municipal court infractions including DWI to your defense if you are unfortunate enough to receive such summonses.  No one can better analyze the strength or weakness in your case than a municipal prosecutor.

Our attorneys have been called upon to provide services as expert witnesses in a number of matters including construction litigation, estate litigation, legal malpractice and exhorbitant billing.  Please call us directly if you require our services in these areas.

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The partners at the firm are certified by the Supreme Court of NJ as civil Trial Attorneys.  They handle cases involving serious personal injury, work related accidents, construction accidents, auto accidents and all types of personal injury.  Allow our expertise to serve you better.  We recognize that most cases settle, but if they don't- you need a certified attorney fighting for you.The privilege of driving requires one to operate his vehicle without causing harm to others.
We will provide top notch legal representation to fellow sportsmen at a reasonable rate.  Out of respect for and courtesy to our fellow residents we will represent you in your injury matter for 25 percent, significantly less than the statutory one-third permitted by the law and charged by most attorneys in the state. 
Why do we do this?  Because we understand and live by a higher standard of only taking what you need and will use.  This is our sincere pledge  as responsible attorneys.  


If you have been injured on the job, trust your case to the Carton Law Firm who has been representing injured workers in central New Jersey.  You are entitled to medical, temporary and permanent benefits.  We will maximize your recovery and ensure you achieve the benefits to which you are entitled.