David J. Leone


Mr. Leone's practice consists of construction, personal injury and general litigation, workers compensation, zoning and planning board approvals and municipal court matters. 

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At Carton Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy and know that we are here to help.

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Michael J. Lynch

Mr. Lynch currently practices in the fields of Civil Litigation, Municipal Court, Real Estate, Wills and Criminal Matters.

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All attorneys at the firm are certified by the Supreme Court of NJ as Civil Trial Attorneys. They have been board certified by our Supreme Court as recognized specialists in civil trials.  This distinction comes after many years of practice, an unblemished and exceptional ethics record and rigorous testing. They handle cases involving serious personal injury, work related accidents, construction accidents, auto accidents and all types of personal injuries. We here at the Carton Law Firm are prepared to take each and every case to trial.  We find that lawyers who are not prepared or expect a settlement without properly preparing a case cannot obtain a good verdict or settlement. Allow our expertise to serve you better.  We recognize that most cases settle, but if they don't- you need a certified attorney fighting for you.

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We will provide top notch legal representation to you at a reasonable rate.  We will represent you in your injury matter for 25 percent of any net recovery which is significantly less than the statutory one-third permitted by the law and charged by most attorneys in the state. We can also arrange an hourly fee if you should so choose.

Why do we do this?  Because we understand and live by a higher standard of only taking what you need and will use.  This is our sincere pledge as responsible attorneys.  

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James D. Carton IV


Mr. Carton, IV is a certified civil trial attorney with over 22 years’ experience defending persons in car accidents and all negligence claims.